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You have motivated staff. mmlab has the products that help your team members meet high quality standards!


mmlab solutions for Winter Service Telematics support your team members to carry out their tasks responsibly:

  • up-to-date information enables to decide quickly and correctly
  • right data transferred to the vehicles at the right time, reduces potential distraction and therefore increases driving safety
  • well-directed guidance enables drivers to deliver quality performance, even  if they need a short adjustment period in a unfamiliar environment
  • a well-working, automated documentation, especially in legally defined  environments, protects you and any person responsible for task performance

mmlab offers a portfolio of solutions that provide continuously reliable data processed according to specific requirements- either for workplace, central  office or for in-vehicle applications.


Our solutions for Winter Service are supposed to support but not to monitor your staff!


Therefore we suggest discussing data protection – whenever, wherever and why data are raised and whether it is really necessary to obtain them in order to meet the requirements?

We would be happy to assist you with our experience in this field.


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