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Winter Service


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You are always expected to meet requirements such as safety obligations (to clear and grit streets). Moreover you only dispose of limited resources. Therefore you and your team members have to allocate them efficiently.

You can master these challenges with the mm-lab telematic solution.


Together we have the Snowhow!



Efficiency is a vital criterion for your investment decisions – for us too!

Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch  In your carpool there are vehicles used with a logbook?


You are familiar with the problem: everyone expects you to respond flexibly - in all your operating areas. Let us show you how we can support you!

Tourenplanung Scenarios differ depending on weather conditions, staffing levels, fleet, ... and therefore always require different deployment plans? 

Qualität You define your quality standards – Let us help you providing it in a street-segment-wise accuracy!

Routenoptimierung Your tour itinerary as well as your standard routes are organized on the basis of many years of experience. What about keeping the tours unchanged but flexibly adjust them according to constantly changing weather conditions?

You have motivated staff. mmlab has the products that help your team members meet high quality standards!

Tourausführung Your tours are optimized. Your vehicles are guided by GPS. But do both systems really work together? 

mts  Successful working requires communication between all parties. We make sure that you smoothly and precisely communicate with each other in all work situations - even without any additional effort. Easily integrated into your Telematics solution of mm-lab.


The phone is a useful item if it’s about communicating immediately urgent information. But in some

cases information in written form is indispensable and sometimes the recipient is required to confirm it.

Streckenkontrolle Missions, tours, report logs for salt gritting,… everything is supported by telematic solutions –what about the street inspection?

Berichte Dokumentation

You require objective reports of the performances rendered by your business? Your Telematic Solution must be designed in such a way to generate them automatically to benefit every (!) team member thus easing administrative burdens?



Based on existing data you can view at one glance which orders for clearance service are still due. Moreover you can easily make target-performance comparisions. 


Mitarbeiter What if you could not only agree the work within a team, but at the same your SatNav would also show the current location of the other team members?