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Wednesday 17th June 14:45
Autonomous driving robots in a private LTE network
Dr. Andreas Streit, managing director, mm-lab GmbH, Germany


The operation of autonomous driving robots leads to stringent requirements for the wireless communications infrastructure. mm-labs experience in the field of vehicle telematics and telecommunications paired with actual use in the field of autonomous driving robots, will make this lecture an exciting experience.


Do not miss Dr. Streit as speaker in the Autonomous Vehicle Symposium ATE 2015.

At the same time it gives you the ideal opportunity to discuss this subject or the management of proving grounds with experts of mm-lab.


Just contact us (, we would be glad to see you.


Two mm-lab teams took part this year - almost routinely already - in the 7er-Canadier Competition on the river Enz. The mm-lab men's team <300 years achieved a good 5th place. The mm-lab mixed team scored an even better fourth place. It definitely was a lot of fun and athletes as well as spectators agreed to be back next year.





The ATE 2014 is over, but CAVE, the Collision Awareness System, that helps drivers "looking around the corner", will stay in the minds of all visitors of mm-lab's stand.

Preventing deadly accidents on proving ground test tracks is the goal of every operator. Hence great attention was given to either listen to mm-lab's sales professionals explaining the system, trying out the simulation on a high speed track themselves or both.



Companies with outstanding achievements in the following 5 categories:

  1. overall development of the company,
  2. creation / safeguarding of jobs and training places,
  3. modernization and innovation,
  4. commitment to the region and proximity to the customer service and
  5. marketing

 have been invited to a certificate award by the head of the Oskar-Patzelt foundation Petra Hetzel.

mm-lab is proud to be one of the nominees!