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mts  Successful working requires communication between all parties. We make sure that you smoothly and precisely communicate with each other in all work situations - even without any additional effort. Easily integrated into your Telematics solution of mm-lab.

Why do we actually discuss a topic that should not be one for a long time? In fact we communicate with one another for decades by telephone, including mobile telephony.

The high flexibility is thereby mainly reflected in the constantly updated mapping of all drivers to defined areas and groups. Once a driver logs on to his telematics terminal, it will be detected by the application and assigned to all groups to which he belongs - as defined.

Because the environment in which you work, is special. Your drivers are challenged by traffic, work flow and noise pollution, your disposition plans and controls the workflow. Voice communication is but one of many tools.

This is why the voice solution of mm-lab offers your drivers an easy operation via the display and a speakerphone, worthy of its name in the noise-polluted working environment of a special vehicle. Your drivers can contact their operations management or colleagues in their vecinity with the "tip of their fingers", without distraction. And you determine the rules under which this shall happen.

And for your operational control your drivers are only a "mouse click" away. Whether you

  • want to reach a driver,
  • a group of drivers in an area
  • a group of vehicles with the same tasks,

or you want to reach them with an individual call, a conference call or via an announcement, your dispatchers have the choice. And you set the rules.

The days of communication solutions by voice or a separate mobile phone are counted. The Telematics solution integrates voice communication as one of its components - easy, quick, simple to understand.


A smart solution by mm-lab.



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