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Efficiency is a vital criterion for your investment decisions – for us too!


Admittedly- we would like to persuade you from investing in our solution- and we can put forward a couple of very good reasons – but first consider whether it’s really worth your money.

  • We offer you one end-to-end solution without media discontinuity.  Starting from order placement to performance documentation – your team members save time and nerves
  • We offer optimized tour planning and implementation – your team members save time and efforts- your vehicle fleet has fewer kilometers/miles to travel – operating hours are reduced for machinery and equipment which means less friction and wear – The bottom line is you save altogether lots of energy- and essential operating materials
  • We offer automated generation of significant and indispensable performance records – e.g. report logs for clearing, sweeping, salt gritting. Your divers gain additional time, capacity utilization of your vehicle fleet is augmented – actually a driver who writes reports, is not able to drive (safely)
  • We provide navigation and rout guidance services along pre-determined and precisely calculated routes, thereby reducing considerably the error rate of your operations. Your driver saves time and  your vehicle travels fewer kilometers/miles  thus reducing fuel consumption

We offer even more! Contact us to learn more!


We do not leave you alone after installing our solutions. On the contrary, we offer you audits to ensure a progress of efficient integration and implementation, thereby reducing expenditures and the amortization period.



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