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The phone is a useful item if it’s about communicating immediately urgent information. But in some

cases information in written form is indispensable and sometimes the recipient is required to confirm it.


Reliability is based on clarity, consequence and traceability – our solution for Winter Service provides you with appropriate means of communication for text message transfer.

Our solution allows establishing stable connections with your drivers. Whether it’s about free-text messaging (e.g. a question from the dispatcher) or pre-defined text modules (e.g. quick response of the driver) or a collective message to drivers in defined areas (e.g. warnings), everything is at your disposal.


Your drivers can check at a first glance:

  • Have new messages come in for me?
  • Who is still waiting my answer?
  • Which messages have been already answered?

And your staff at the central office is also informed:

  • Has the recipient already read the message?
  • Are any messages left unanswered?


That’s how a hassle-free and reliable information interchange looks like. Everything from ONE single source. From mmlab!


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