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Streckenkontrolle Missions, tours, report logs for salt gritting,… everything is supported by telematic solutions –what about the street inspection?




Your street inspections are supposed to eliminate hazardous hotspots to assure traffic security – but not to assess performance and workload of your team members?


What if the street inspection would just record necessary reworking without any personnel involved? And what if these route segments to be reworked, could be integrated into the tour of another clearing vehicle on-site?


Wouldn’t it be useful, if those route inspections could be carried out just incidentally via Smartphone during the tour? And what is more if notice of defects could be identified and documented by mouse click and then be reworked as soon as possible?


Or if according to tour progress, route inspection could be documented without manual handling?

Wouldn’t it be useful to document road conditions by photographs during route inspections, which could turn out especially important for training purposes?


So why not displaying those photographs by default on the map in the correct road segment?

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