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Based on data logged into your system, you not only document your services rendered, but also recognize outstanding tasks with a simple target-actual comparison.


Your tour is performed…automatically, exactly, timely!...thanks to mm-lab Waste Management Telematics Solutions!

Tour reports, which are generated incidentally and fully automatically, exactly register all street segments, all emptied rubbish bins etc. Moreover the reports can be complemented by manual corrections, which facilitates the work of your team members and yourself.

Tour reports provide all data that are relevant for your tour implementation. They are generated in formats easy to process facilitating tabular as well as map-based tour assessments. In particular by using the map-based version you can individually adjust coloration of specific parameters. So information requested on following questions can be accessed at a glance:

  • Did special occurrences happen during the tour?
  • How much time took the interruption of the tour in total, how much additional down-time should be allowed for?
  • Where was it impossible to make usage of attachments and mounted parts?
  • Where for example was it impossible due to parked cars?


Everything recorded, you are ready to master annoying situations and to respond to complaints such as “Garbage was not emptied in our street!"