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You are familiar with the problem: everyone expects you to respond flexibly - in all your operating areas. Let us show you how we can support you!


Flexible planning

  • flexibly adapting and re-configurating initial planning to some minor changes
  • automatically generating up-dated tour schedules
  • automatically optimizing modified routes
  • transmitting all changed details directly and in-real time to the vehicles on tour   

Flexible performance

  • additional services for daily business are explicitly supported
  • any information is safely recorded in order to facilitate accounting , book-keeping and invoicing activities
  • if need be drivers can directly pass on any notice of complaints

Flexible tour guidance

  • continuously providing up-dated information facilitates a correct and valid situation assessment
  • comprehensive and clear data presentation simplifies and expedites the situation analysis
  • despite changes at short notice, right decisions can be made without delay  
  • We bring flexibility under control! Let us convince you of our solutions. 



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