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Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch  In your carpool there are vehicles used with a logbook?  


  • That means that all relevant information (place and date of departure, mileage at the beginning and the end of the tour, distance travelled, purpose of the tour) has to be entered manually?
  • The logbook is supposed to facilitate work in your company, but – if possible – should also serve as a valid document for submission to the tax office and police station?
  • You are supposed to actively cooperate in hearings and help to clarify facts if traffic offenses  are committed by one of your drivers with one of your company vehicles and help to clarify the facts.
  • Handwritten information and modifications give rise to complaints and do not always meet the requirements of an adequately kept driving log.


Our solutions can be combined with a GPS-supported driving log.  New entries are made automatically without any gaps. 


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