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Employees Testimonial

Our staff takes the opportunity to describe their views and feelings of mm-lab as an employer.


Martin Mozer

"I am now in my fourth term studying „Applied Computer Science“. As training company I opted for mm-lab GmbH where I pass my internship periods. And I have never regretted this decision. Due to the content-related coordination of topic selection for “on-the-job-training” and university lectures, I am able to draw advantages with regard to both areas. At my workplace I do not only cherish the challenging and interesting tasks in the field of telematics but also have come to appreciate the almost familiar working atmosphere which prevails at the company. Therefore I am particularly anxious to collaborate with experienced colleagues tackling ever new and increasingly complicated problems with the aim of providing sustainable solutions."

Martin Mozer, Student of the DHBW Stuttgart

Gregor Ophey

"As a system developer at mm-lab you are working on projects concerning the latest software topics. This is done within a team of highly skilled colleagues. You enjoy great freedom to choose any means you consider appropriate. Moreover you are constantly encouraged to put forward and realize your own ideas. You will become familiar with the latest technology right on the job. This small-sized company is characterized by its non-bureaucratic structure and commitment to transparency. At any time it is possible to recognize your contribution to business success. As a developer you are working with all other departments as well as with the customer. mm-lab is a very flexible employer providing for compatibility between job and family."

Gregor Ophey, system engineer and developer

Sebastian Otto

"I have been doing a dual study course for two years now. During practical training periods I am employed at mm-lab. I enjoy working at this company as it’s a pleasure to co-operate with committed colleagues in an interesting branch and its challenging working environment. By means of everday interaction with latest technology, I can learn a lot with regard to its practice-related application. Besides, at mm-lab they offer individual mentoring and personal support for students. Moreover, I have experienced solidarity and strong cohesion among the employees, almost like in a family-run business. Actually, I feel comfortable at this place where I can work in a creative and self-determined manner. Hence I am able to take on new challenges as part of a team."

Sebastian Otto, student of the DHBW Stuttgart

Arthur Teuber

"What particularly appeals to me here at mm-lab: due to my always-friendly colleagues I am comfortable working as part of a team and it is a real pleasure. Above that I appreciate the cooperative style of leadership exercised by our management board. Moreover, they challenge and support the team. At mm-lab they offer great opportunities for vocational self-realization. In addition you can draw advantage of most flexible working time model organized on personal responsibility. First and foremost, however, I am involved in very exciting development projects and so every day I can enjoy being surrounded with the latest state-of-the-art technology."

Arthur Teuber, System engineer and developer